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Because we has the pretties. And the crack.

It can be brainz tiem nao?
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WELCOME TO THE HOUSE OF INSANITY. Yarp, this is the Heroes comm for macros. Don't know what macros are? Then you are missing out, my friend. It started with cat macros and has divulged into other, arguably more sinister, media.

Basically, you take a picture and put an amusing caption on it. Preferably badly spelt with bad grammar. Often in the font IMPACT in white with an optional black outline. We also welcome motivational posters.

There are no rules for posting, except the usual 'be nice' and our spoiler policy - please put all spoilers behind a cut with a spoiler warning in bold. Anything from the current series is considered a spoiler, thank you. If you don't know how to do a cut, go here.

Your mods are the dangerous darkenglishrose and the ferocious slartibartfast. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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